Philosophy across Boundaries – XXV World Congress of Philosophy – (Rome, 1-8 August 2024)

2024 World Congress 2

Under the joint responsibility of Fisp, the Italian Philosophical Society, and Sapienza University, the 2024 Congress “Philosophy across Boundaries” intends to foster scholarly and public reflections on the future of our societies.

By questioning the social, economic, political, technological, and cultural destiny of our common world, it will conceive philosophical reflections as springboards for public discourses on urgent shared concerns, including inequalities, cultural and gender diversity, sustainability, justice, rights, and political transformations on a global scale.
It will actively encourage and defend diversity in all forms by bringing together ideas, traditions, and people from all continents and regions; it will dismantle rigid cultural and disciplinary boundaries by shifting focus to the complex interconnectedness of human civilizations from antiquity to the present; it will provide a unique opportunity to present and share diverse philosophical concerns and to embed theoretical reflection into the actual reality of our time, addressing its main ethical, social, political, religious, and spiritual concerns.


Activities of Mushin’en

  • Chairs:

8.  Comparative, Intercultural, and Cross-Cultural Philosophy
Marcello Ghilardi (Italy)

11. Daoist Philosophy
Marcello Ghilardi (Italy)

12. East Asian and South-East Asian Philosophies
Enrico Fongaro (Italy)


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